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Gambling smiley faces

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Gambling smiley faces how to win at the casino

Simple smiley smiely may drive the next phase of home energy conservation, and perhaps more cheaply than costly hardware upgrades like smart meters and appliances that can talk to them.

While all smkley new hardware will help, utilities don't gambling smiley faces it catch a wave casino start realizing significant energy savings, say executives at OPowera Virginia company that's stamping the smiley faces and other motivational cues smliey energy-use reports to customers. Putting a Smiley Face on Energy Savings. For more, visit The Great Energy Challenge. The result is a report that compares a home's energy use to its neighbors, and simple suggestions on how a household might cut its use—such as setting back the thermostat when away from home, or faces to more efficient light bulbs. Consumers complained that was one nudge too far. But many experts argue that the lowly thermostat, where consumers already interact with their biggest energy use, will be the home energy controller of the future. On behalf of OPower, the former Arizona State University psychology professor experimented with consumer messages on energy use, finding that a comparison gambling smiley neighbors worked better than talking about saving dollars or helping society.

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